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Mark 1 hour ago

really nice design, blue UV light not too bright, fan is really silent. Like this device!

David Harris 1 hour ago

I have a real mosquito problem in the area I live in and summers are a nightmare. Not joking, I got bitten and dealt with giant itchy welts on a daily basis. I have that sweet type O blood everybody talks about when they're talking about mosquitoes. Those with sweet blood knows only the mosquitos win.

The last straw was when I woke up twice with welts on my forehead. The last welt was the size of a golf ball that took a lot of cortisone cream, ice, and antihistamines. It was absolutely miserable. I was suffering. I immediately ordered this.

I was skeptical but I plugged it in and let it run. Within 20 minutes, I noticed it caught something already.

Since purchasing this machine, I can sleep easy now that I have it running at night. I'm impressed that it even caught a dragonfly.

Both the silent and strong mode lights are really pretty. I leave it on silent mode all day and it hums pretty discretely and is about as loud as my air purifier.

For never having to worry about being bitten in my home and being able to sleep a little bit easier (a little easier because everybody knows life is hard), this machine is worth buying.

Thomas 1 hour ago

Have had mine for 1 day. Extremely impressed. Just ordered another unit. I needed something to control fruit flies. Really wanted to avoid the bug spray insecticide if it was possible. Tried this device along with a half dozen of the liquid traps. Score: Liquid bait traps =0, the MOsquitron insect trapper: over a dozen fruit flies the first day. Yay!

Ellen 1 hour ago

Fast shipping
Excellent product!

Jef1 hour ago

This is a very elegant looking device. Yes, I know that may sound silly considering what it's function is, but really, you could easily place this anywhere as a work of art! It is beautiful to look at. Very well made too

Timothy2 hour ago

 I've now had the machine for nearly 2 weeks, and have run it 24/7, nonstop - perfectly - no issues. The office has purchased 2 more, and our mosquito problem is completely gone. This product is absolutely an awesome solution for mosquitos.


Steven 2 hour ago

Working great so far! I needed it mainly to catch the house flies that are plaguing our kitchen as the weather is warming up, but we have fruit fly/gnats too so I figured if they didn’t catch the house flies at least we’d get the little ones. There are 7 house flies in it right now! I’m so far pretty satisfied. Will leave it on overnight and see what else we get!

Isaac 2 hours ago

Actually works better than I expected. Began catching bugs right away. I noticed bugs collecting by the following evening. Will purchase again when they come available.

Bernard 2 hours ago

This is an amazing product! I woke up in the middle of the night itching like crazy on my hand and face all summer. Now, nothing! 

Ralph 3 hours ago

 I bought this to help with a problem I have with small moths. Problem solved! 5/5 

Viktor 3 hours ago

What a GREAT product! I have used it for 2 days now and have stopped a lot of those blood sucking mosquitos from feasting on me and my family. Wife is thrilled! 

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