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Protect Yourself From World's Most Deadly Animal, Without Using Harmful Chemicals...


Are you afraid of sharks, snakes or spiders? Most of us are. But there is another creature that is far more dangerous than all of those combined, and most of us don't even know it... .

Did you know mosquitoes have killed many more humans than all wars in history?

Mosquitoes are by a mile the most dangerous creatures on earth to us humans.

They can give us viruses and diseases that are extremely dangerous, but also non-lethal bites frequently result in painful swelling and infections.

Until now, we've used sprays, candles and creams to keep them away. But none of these 'anti-mosquito' solutions actually protect for more than 20 minutes!

Solutions containing 'DEET' - a hazardous, damaging chemical can be both harmful to us and the environment

Fortunately, there's a much better solution.

A new mosquito trap by BuzzBGone is quickly gaining popularity. Top experts are calling it an engineering masterpiece, it kills ALL mosquitoes without using dangerous chemicals or toxins.

With the summer approaching and almost a million units already sold worldwide, it's quickly becoming the most successful device of 2020.

What Is It?

It's called the BuzzBGone — A brand new type of insect catcher/killer. It works perfect for clearing your home of all those annoying & dangerous flying pests!


The company behind BuzzBGone was formed in 2019 by a group of experienced electrical engineers from the EV (Electric vehicle) industry.

Their goal was to make a low cost, low maintanance and reusable mosquito trap that works 24/7, anywhere you put it.

With no installation costs, no maintenance costs and it being more effective than the alternatives, the BuzzBGone is an engineering masterpiece.

Compared to other anti-mosquito traps it's 300% more efficient, smaller, portable, reusable - and stops mosquitoes instantly!

People all over the world are using it to live 'mosquito free' — the results are incredible...

How Does It Work?

Instead of trying to keep the mosquitos away, it attracts them, then catches them and finally kills them!

Basically it will lure the mosquitos and insects in the device, with a completely harmless UV phototaxis thermotaxis inducing light. — Simply translated: Flying pests can't resist it!

Next to the UV-PT light is a powerful, yet efficient reverse fan that sucks the mosquitos through a 1-way trapdoor.

Once they are trapped in the drying basket, they are dried to death by the fan in a matter of 2 minutes (They die without moisture.)

You can easily empty the dead insects into the trash, without ever touching them!

No mosquitos = No bites for you

We are surprised by how easy it was to set up.

All you have to do is plug it in - and away you go!

No need for toxic chemicals or replacing batteries (This device is USB powered).

What exactly can the BuzzBGone do?

More than you think!

100% Chemical Free -Completely non-toxic; won’t harm your children or pets.

Easy-to-use -Just plug it in!

Fast and efficient -No need to wait for incense to burn or mosquitoes to start "smelling" Deet.

Discrete -Modern, stylish and sleek.

Improved Sleep -No more buzzing around your ears, no scratching all night-long!

Mess Free -No more oil spills, sticky skin and candle ash mess!

Environment Friendly -No smoke or harmful sprays here!

Lightweight -Compact and easy to carry. Weighs less than 2 pounds.

Very Quiet -No loud, obnoxious fan noise to disrupt your concentration or sleep.

Reusable -No running out of candles or spray when you need it most!

Easy to clean -Rinse the container with water, clean in less than 10 seconds.

Use It Anywhere -Outside, inside, bedroom, kitchen, it doesn't matter.

Extremely effective -Traps and kills mosquitoes, flies, and other irritating insects.

BuzzBGone: Questions and Answers

Q: Does the BuzzBGone require any installation?

No, it works directly out of the box and is really simple to use. You will have it killing mosquitoes in any room in less than 60 seconds.

Q: Does the BuzzBGone use toxins or chemicals?

No, it does not use any chemicals or toxins.

Q: Is the BuzzBGone safe to use when sleeping?

Absolutely yes. The device is extremely quiet, it's perfect for in the bedroom.

How Much Does It Cost?

You'd be suprised to find that you can get it right now for just $39 (versus $179.99 in speciality stores!).

It might seem expensive at first, but when you consider most devices need regular, expensive refills and don't work for more than 10 minutes, this is a pretty good deal.

In fact, competior products using the same UV technology are priced over $250!

Click here to claim a discounted BuzzBGone (if it's still available) >>

When you look at the rise in mosquito viruses and diseases and the death toll, then $59 seems like a good deal for a piece of mind that you are protected.

We think the price is a fair one to keep yourself and family bite free and healthy.

Conclusion: Is It Worth it?

In short, yes!

Just 1 buzzing mosquito around your bed can disrupt your sleep or worse... keep you awake all night! Plus scratching your bites for days afterwards is no fun. Also, they are super annoying, aren't they?

BuzzBGone really attracts and traps mosquitos and flies. Our entire staff were blown away by and loved it.

At the moment, you can get BuzzBGone with a 50% discount. It's an amazing deal and we're sure this won't last long...

If flies or mosquitos and their viruses and diseases are a problem where you live, then this is a solution better than candles and sprays!

How To Get Your Very Own BuzzBGone?

Get your BuzzBGone from the official website here.

As of * – Ever since the BuzzBGone was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first‑time‑buyer 50% discount.

What Others are Saying... (Verified Buyers)

stars Herbert  
This product is simply amazing! I've put the device on my desk and it killed mosquitoes in less than 30 seconds on a hot summer day.
stars Andrea R.
We get a LOT of flies and mosquitos in the warm months. It means you can't sit outside in the evenings without being eaten alive and your food is crawling with dirty flies. We used to use citronella candles. They did work a bit, the problem is these candles burnout after 15mins and the kids hate the strong smell of them. Now we set up our BuzzBGone nearby when we eat outside in the evening. The results are amazing - no flies, no mosquitos bothering us. We can finally enjoy outside eating again!
stars Thomas L.
Mosquitos are a problem living in a hot, wet climate. We did use 2 of those liquid chemical repellents in our bedroom when sleeping. My wife would complain she had a headache in the mornings whenever we used them. Now we use our BuzzBGone, and we wake up bite and headache free!
stars Nellie
It’s awesome. It keeps you protected all day and is much more convenient than regular mosquito sprays.
starsMelissa J.
After suffering two bouts of badly infected mosquito bites last year, I was willing to try anything. This anti-mosquito device really works and you don't have to worry about breathing any nasty chemicals.

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